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creating and sharing playlists since 2006

Post and share your mixes and playlists!
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mixshare encourages its members to post complete mixes and playlists, along with cover art, that are available for download. They don't need to be themed or applicable to any particular fandom or event - simply sharing and recommending music in mix form is the modus operandi. The security is members only, so please join in order to see the posts and start posting!

1. This is NOT a request community, nor should it be used for question or discussion. Posts with entries like 'I'm looking for songs about graduation' or 'Does anybody have some good punk songs?' with be deleted by the mods.
2. Similarly, any promotions WILL BE DELETED. Every post should be a mix and nothing more.
3. Post each mix in a separate post. If you've made two mixes, great! Please make two different posts for them.
4. Your subject line should be either a title for the mix or a summary of genres and styles.
5. Please put your list of songs beneath an LJ cut.
6. Mix posts are NOT just a list of songs. This is a sharing community. Please either upload each song separately or zip the files and upload the zip, and then post your link(s) in the post along with your mix. YouSendIt, MegaUpload and SendSpace are popular options with which to upload your music.
7. Cover art is not required, but it is encouraged. Get creative with your mixes! For photos, use Google Image Search or stock photos sites like Getty Images and Veer Images to get started. Quality is not a requirement - use anything from MS Paint to Photoshop!
8. If you do post a cover, please put all large images (larger than 200x200 pixels) beneath an LJ cut along with your mix. If you wish to preview the artwork, feel free to create a thumbnail image (200x200 for just the front cover, 400x200 for front and back).
9. Keep your posts friends-locked! They will be automatically locked - don't alter that, please!
10. Tag your entry with your username. This is in the interest of organization. Don't forget!
11. If you download a mix or song, be courteous and comment on that post.
12. Be polite! Don't mock or trash others' tastes in music. If you don't like the music, don't comment and don't download. Anyone who displays any severe disrespect will be banned.
13. Have fun!

For in-depth instructions about creating a postable mix, from zipping the songs to making the artwork, visit this tutorial. If all of the above rules are followed, your post should look like this.

becs1024 and riorhapsody are your lovely mods. Contact either one of us at our respective journals with any pressing questions or concerns. Questions may also be asked in the introductory post here.

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(If you would like to affliate with mixshare, please comment here.)

Want to pimp mixshare in your userinfo, on your journal, or in another community? Just copy/paste the HTML below to insert one of these handy graphics!

mixshare: creating and sharing playlists since 2006.

mixshare: creating and sharing playlists since 2006.

mixshare: creating and sharing playlists since 2006.

mixshare does not encourage the sharing of copyrighted files. If the members of this community choose to participate in the sharing of copyrighted files, the members are responsible for their actions. mixshare does not claim any responsibility for the members, the files shared, or their activites.

snubicons created our wonderful layout template, while riorhapsody made the header.